Quality Policy - Our Quality Policy


Our Quality Policy

Quality by social cooperation

GQS employees spend a lot of their active lifetime in the company. Quality work in life is predominantly triggered by the atmosphere within the company by social interactions. The management supports all measures to improve the social corporation. This includes among other respectful and benevolent acquaintance and a flexible structuring of time and capacity given each employee free space also for his private interests without neglecting the companies interest. The management takes care for an appropriate environment and an undisturbed, stress free work. Aberration of social corporation will be immediately corrected.

Quality as basis of our action

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. It safeguards the existence of our company.

We achieve these goals by:

  • definition of suitable quality goals
  • adherence to delivery dates
  • competent and friendly corporation with our clients
  • systematic quality control of our processes and continuous improvement

Quality by continuous improvement

  • establishment, maintenance and continuous development of our quality management system lead us to continuous improvement of our quality
  • continuous improvement requires from each employee commitment to quality and constructive commitment to continuous improvement including our quality culture.

Quality by cooperation with our clients and providers

A major prerequisite to achieve appropriate services is the trustful cooperation and a fair contact with our clients and service providers.


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