Ethical Principles - Our Ethical Principles


Our Ethical Principles

Fair Cooperation and Competition

Our company commits to a fair behavior toward colleagues, clients and suppliers in compliance with the laws and regulations of the concerned countries. All corruption, extortion and embezzlement are prohibited. Each colleague is encouraged to report concerns or illegal activities in the workplace to the Managing Director without treat of reprisal, intimidation of harassment.

Suppliers shall provide a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. Discrimination for reasons such as race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, union membership or marital status is not condoned.

Health Care Policy

Our company commits to protect all colleagues against detrimental effects and to minimize all risks associated with his/her work. Furthermore, GQS supports the colleagues in all efforts regarding health care and constitutional measures, e.g. massages to relieve the back muscles.

Environmental Policy

Our company commits to protect the environment against detrimental effects, if possible. This includes but is not limited to a consequent waste separation according to law and a minimization of paper consumption due to our electronic filing and archiving system.

Working Environment

Our company commits to enable the stress-free work without fatigue as possible by providing an ergonomically designed work place.


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